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About Us

ROPA Interior was started by Rofhiwa Nevondo and Paul Vorster, who came together after deciding that there should be a company in the building industry that not only supplies a superior product, but also saves people money by offering more affordable prices.

After months of research, the Directors found that the industry has a lot of over pricing and not a lot of quality in certain sectors. They also discovered that most small business owners do not have the necessary equipment to make these products with lasting quality, and are taken advantage of by other suppliers leaving them less room for growth.

At ROPA Interior we do not want to take advantage of the smaller business owner. Instead we want to make them partners in the industry and help them reach their company’s full potential by supplying them with a superior quality product at a much more affordable price.

At ROPA Interior we can supply everything: BoardKitchen Units, Doors, Hardware, CNC Cutting, Cut & Edge, designing and even Office Furniture on order at unbeatable prices. We have the ability to make custom kitchen units, doors, plinth boxes and hardware without having to rely on other suppliers, resulting in quick turn around and lower prices. ROPA Interior can save you 3-4 weeks of manufacturing time, labour expenses, petrol expenses, factory expenses, wear and tear on vehicles etc.

It takes the average kitchen company 4-6 weeks to manufacture units, doors, panels, engraved panels and other, before they can install and to outsource other products they cannot make themselves. With ROPA Interior, it takes only 48 hours from date of purchase to receive your flat carcasses with hardware complete and within 5 days, you will receive your doors and other panels, tops etc.


We at ROPA Interior will strive to fill our client’s needs in all areas by saving them time and money.

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